Our History

Anrak Corporation is proud to celebrate over 46 years of business, which continues to be owned and operated as a family business. Anrak is a State of California Certified Small Business, which operates in California, Nevada and Oregon. As a result Anrak is proud to be the innovative leader in our industry, specializing in all types of milling to meet our customers needs. Anrak is a company at the top of what we do, with dedicated operators, commitment to quality and over 100 years combined experience, we are considered THE milling company.

Anrak started in 1976, with owners Lester Anderson and Ed Racely. They had each worked at Universal Soils Construction for 10 plus years. Universal Soils emerged in 1953 from Frank Goldson and Carl Stoops. Universal Soils operated mobile plants that specialized in making CTB (cement treated base). They traveled all over the United States with these plants, working as far away as Florida on the Cape Canaveral Space Shuttle Runway. In 1978, both Lester and Ed had realized that Northern California had lacked an asphalt milling company. With this in mind, and wishing to capitalize on this opportunity, they ventured to Canada to check out asphalt milling machines. Lester, Ed and Frank broke off from Universal and started Anrak Corporation. Anrak stands for “Anderson, Racely and Goldson.” In Anrak’s first two years it continued to operate its plants and mix CTB. In 1978, Anrak purchased their first grinder, a CMI PR 275. Also in February of 1978, Mark Anderson began working for Anrak. A year later in 1979, their second grinder was purchased, it was a CMI PR 375. With a 9 ½’ drum and only 375 horsepower, it became known in the company as “Slippin Sam.” In 1980 Frank was bought out and Anrak continued to operate from two locations, Sacramento (Corporate) and San Carlos (Dispatch). Soon later, in 1998, Lester and Ed came to an agreement for Ed to sell his company share to Lester, making Lester the sole owner. At the time Lester’s son, Mark, played a huge role in keeping Anrak with Lester. Anrak then moved all of its operations into its Sacramento office. Then in 2000, Mark came out of the field, stepped into the office and got involved with ownership. At last on December 24, 2012, Lester decided to call it quits and Mark bought out his father, making Mark Anderson the sole owner of Anrak Corporation. Anrak is proud to celebrate over 46 years of business and its continued growth and leadership in the milling industry.