What We Do

Dig Outs

Dig Outs are various size patches that are milled out and paved back to fix failing asphalt and sub-base. Dig outs vary in size and depths.

Profile Grinding

Profile grinding is typically when 0-3” of asphalt is removed from the top surface layer to prep the road for an overlay

Wedge Grinding/Conforms

Wedge grinding and conforms is grinding done at the lip of curb to lower the roadway and make a tie in for an overlay, making overlay at curb height. Conforms are typically done to tie in a new overlay sections at the end of streets or roadways.


Pulverizing is a process of grinding and mixing the existing asphalt section and underlying base or sub-grade and leave material in place behind the grinder. Pulverizing is generally used to recycle existing product and create new sub-base product or used for a fill section.


Micro Milling involves milling with a drum head less than the standard tool spacing of 5/8”. Typically micro mill drum spacing’s are ¼” or less and used for a tighter, smoother pattern for ride ability and leaving section open to traffic. Types of milling generally requiring micro mills are open grade removal, chip seal removal and removing bumps in roadway.

Must Grinds/Pre-Pave Grinds

Must grinds are areas in a roadway that do not meet smoothness criteria and must be milled down to create uniform smoothness over roadway for an overlay. Areas of localized roughness are milled before final lifts of asphalt are applied.

PCC Grinding (Concrete)

PCC grinding is actual grinding of concrete surfaces. This grinding require there to be no structural steel in concrete section to be ground. PCC grinding is slower in production in which the milling machines take a harder impact.  Not all grinding companies grind PCC, but with over 46 years experience, call for pricing and more info.

In addition to private, state and federal projects, our work also includes:

  • Highways, freeways and bi-ways
  • Parking lots/schools/parking garages/grass fields
  • Apartment complexes
  • Malls/strip malls
  • Residential areas/home owners associations

Anrak will bid work as rental or as unit price, but will also bid work specifically modified to our customers needs. Anrak will meet any customer anytime, anyplace or anywhere.

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The Gold Shovel Standard Certification

The Gold Shovel Standard Certification: Raising the Bar on Excavation Safety. Gold Shovel Standard is a single uniform standard for excavation safety. This certification demonstrates Anrak’s commitment to excavation expertise, precision and safety.

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ISNetworld® is an online contractor management database that collects health, safety, procurement, quality and regulatory information designed to meet governmental record keeping and Owner Client requirements.