Oroville Dam Spillway

April, 2018
Grinding out the temporary rapid strength concrete in the Oroville Dam Spillway. The grinders and equipment had to be craned in and out over the spillway walls and tied off with 1,000’+ of 1.25”-1.5” wire cabling.

California Highway Patrol High Speed Race Track

May 25, 2016
340,000 sq/ft at 3"
Using micro mill grinders for a smother finish. Job was under time constraints. The grinders started and didn’t finish until whole job was completed. With being a race track smoothness tolerance was crucial.

Los Angeles International Airport

February 2015
500,000 sq/ft grind 3"
Concrete on runway. Three machines worked for two and half weeks. Milling had to be precise to meet smoothness runway requirements. Critcal intense job.

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